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Why Buy Your Glasses From St. Clair Optometry?

After a comprehensive eye examination to determine your eye health and eyeglass prescription, your optometrist makes a number of other recommendations to ensure that you receive high quality lenses and coatings in order to minimize distortion and help adaptation. Unfortunately, optical stores are not required to fulfill these recommendations for good quality lenses, and may substitute inferior quality in order to provide a bargain price.

We encourage you to get a price quote in our dispensary and compare it to local retailers but be sure to compare apples to apples. Remember that value includes quality as well as price. We will always tell you the exact brand name of the lenses and coatings that the doctor has recommended for your needs. This is what you must make sure does not get substituted for poorer quality materials when you are comparing prices.

10 Great Reasons to Correct Your Vision at St. Clair Optometry

  1. Two-year warranty on all lenses (one-year on most frames) – No charge
    Any lens can scratch or break. If for any reason, except loss or theft, you need your frame or lenses repaired or replaced, we will remake your glasses once within the warranty period, limited to the same prescription, from the date of purchase at no charge to you.
  2. Prescription Accuracy Guarantee – No charge
    At St. Clair Optometry we have the highest of standards. If you are having any difficulties with your prescription or are not completely satisfied, we will correct it within 45 days of ordering in the glasses you purchased from us.
  3. Guaranteed Contact Lens Success Program
    Our success program includes your corneal evaluation and tear film analysis to ensure your eyes are healthy and can support a contact lens. You receive diagnostic lenses and 60 days of follow-up appointments, so if you feel uncomfortable or your vision is being affected, we will find you a solution.
  4. Easy contact lens ordering
    For your convenience, we stock the most popular lens brands and powers in our office. Contact lenses can also be shipped to your home or office at no additional charge when you order an annual supply. If your prescription changes, we will exchange any unopened boxes within three months of ordering them through us.
  5. Complimentary adjustments, repairs and cleanings
    Stop in anytime, and we’ll keep your eyewear working and feeling like new, at no charge. This includes frames, nose pad repairs, adjustments and fittings.
  6. Wide selection of distinctive frames
    Our dispensary has a large selection of frames from which to choose, including a large selection of sunglasses, sports and children’s frames from a range of brands. Our experienced staff will help you select the frame shape, size and colour that looks best on you.
  7. Variety of lenses
    We only use the most advanced lenses available to provide both healthy eyes and visual comfort. We’ll demonstrate and explain all the latest developments that would be appropriate for your lifestyle, whether it’s golfing, boating or long-term computer use. Our lens treatments are the hardest, most durable surface protection available. We partner with a laboratory with an excellent reputation for the finest finished product. We strive to be the best in quality and craftsmanship.
  8. Highest technology available
    Our optical staff will personalize your lenses using the Swing unit (by Activisu) that will digitally measure the centration for your lenses with your face shape and frame size. If you have multiple lens and/or frame choices, you can view them side-by-side to help make your decision.
  9. Convenience
    We are open late on Tuesday nights to accommodate those who can’t miss work. We also have family blocks of time available, eliminating multiple trips to the optometrist for each family member.
  10. On-Site Edging
    We can make most prescriptions in our on-site edging lab, which means that you will usually only have to wait a few days for them to be ready. If you’re in a rush, we can even accommodate same day jobs and can insert new lenses into your frames while you wait.